23W UVC Ozone Lamp UV Light Tubes Length 436mm Diameter 15mm

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: UV, Yoway
Certification: CE,ROSH
Model Number: ZW23D15Y-Z436
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Price: $6-$45/SET
Packaging Details: paper box packing
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000pcs per month
Detail Information
Watt: 23w Lamp Voltage: 61.2
Life Span: 8000 Hours Length: 436mm
Diameter: 15±0.3mm Model: ZW23D15Y-Z436
Ballast: YW-HCS-102A Current: 240
Color: Clean 254Irradiation Intensit: 35
High Light:

23W UV Light Tubes 436mm


23W UVC Ozone Lamp 436mm


UVC Ozone Lamp Diameter 15mm

Product Description

23W UVC Ozone Lamp 15mm Diameter Generator UVC Disinfection Light 254nm

UVC Ozone Lamp 23W Ultraviolet Germicidal Light 15mm Diameter Generator Uvc Disinfection Light 254nm Uv Germicidal Lamp

Detailed Images

WIDELY APPLICATION AND PURIFYING AIR: Ultraviolet disinfection has a wide range of applications, such as hospitals, schools,nurseries, cinemas, buses, offices, homes,HVAC pipes etc., Kill mold, mites, produces negative air ion purifying air, air is fresh after sterilization. In public places, ultraviolet disinfection can prevent bacterial from spreading through the air water and the surface of objects. Notice: Rated voltage is 100V-240V, work in 240V, or it will be damaged.

1.Top quality quartz tube 2.>93% ultraviolet light transmittance 3. High temperature resistance 4. Corrosion resistance 4. Patented anti-fouling technology for the outer coating film of the lamp or quartz sleeve to ensure that the surface of the lamp
is not affected by external environmental pollution.
1.High quality adapter
2.Completely connection
3.Stable and reliable
4.High effeciency
1.Unique inner coating and outer coating technology 2. The internal coating technology ensures that the maximum illuminance attenuation of the ultraviolet lamp during the life of the tube does not exceed 15% Uniform and dense demoulding 2. After 600 degrees high temperature baking, it still maintains continuous density 3. Three layers of protection
23W UVC Ozone Lamp 15mm Diameter Generator UVC Disinfection Light 254nm 4
How does UV light affect bacteria?
Microorganisms are simple organic structures that can easily absorb UV-C wavelengths, causing
photodissociation (destruction). Microbial DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is first adversely affected due to its weaker molecular
bonds. Within a hundredth of a second, it suffered irreparable damage. The subsequent loss of genetic instructions can cause the
cell to die and/or fail to replicate, making it harmless. Continuous exposure will cause uninterrupted degradation, such as the
sun, which will only be significantly faster.
Product Presentation
1.Used in various household appliances such as disinfection cabinets,microwave ovens,air conditioners,air purifiers,etc. 2.Disinfection and sterilization of air and surface of objects in hospitals,schools,hotels,restaurants,homes and offices.
Product Name
UVC Germicidal lamp
Quartz tube
Type of Lamp-house
ITEM NO./规格型号 PRODUCT PICTURE/产品图片 Dia/管径(mm)
4W ZW4D15Y(W)-Z135   ∅15
5W ZW5D15Y(W)-Z150   ∅15
10W ZW10D15Y(W)-Z212   ∅15
14W ZW14D15Y(W)-Z287   ∅15
15W ZW15D15Y(W)-Z303   ∅15
17W ZW17D15Y(W)-Z356   ∅15
23W ZW23D15Y(W)-Z463   ∅15
28W ZW28D15Y(W)-Z550   ∅15
37W ZW37D15Y(W)-Z793   ∅15
40W ZW40D15Y(W)-Z851   ∅15
55W ZW55D15Y(W)-Z1149   ∅15
65W ZW65D15Y(W)-Z1554   ∅15
75W ZW75D15Y(W)-Z1554   ∅15

Lamp adapters

There are four : Plastic , Ceramic, Aluminium (blue and silver) lamp adapters for your choice


Question:What kind of payment your company accept?
Answer:T/T,L/C,West Union,Paypal etc.

Question:How do you guarantee system,
thorough check products before packing.

Question:Can you send uv lamp samples for testing?
Answer:Yes.We can provide free uv lamp samples for testing

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