50D Sponge Home Body Massager Vibration Massage Seat Cushion Improve Metabolism

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MOI ET TOI
Certification: CE
Model Number: SWC-1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 23 USD per pcs
Packaging Details: paper box packing
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per week
Detail Information
Name: Sedentary Massage Cusion Size: 40*40*7CM 50D Foam/sponge
Fuction: Buttock Massage Relief Fatigue Massage Style: Vibration Relief Fatigue
Application Area: Office ,home, Car Multi Purpose Fuction1: Promote Blood Circulation Relief Tired Back
Who Use: Old People ,the Elderly Relief Tired Back Other Name: Car Massage Pad Multi Purpose Relief Tired Back
Setting: 10/20/30 Minutes Relief Tired Back Material: 50D Foam/sponge Relief Tired Back
Special Usage: For Hemorrhoids To Prevent Hemorrhoids
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Home Body Massager improve Metabolism


vibration massage seat cushion improve Metabolism


50D Sponge vibration massage seat cushion

Product Description

Massage Overworked Hips relief tired back massage pad improve Metabolis
Back massage can unblock meridians, alleviate shoulder and back pain symptoms, warm yang and replenish qi, and improve the body's immunity.
Back massage has many benefits. Modern people often work at their desks, and many have symptoms of cervical spondylosis or soreness and discomfort in the shoulders, back, and waist. Through back massage, blood circulation can be activated and collaterals can be unblocked to alleviate back pain symptoms. The back is the place where the body's yang meridians gather. By using correct massage techniques, the meridian qi and blood can be unblocked, making the yang meridian qi and blood smooth. Combined with the stimulation of the acupoints of the Du meridian and bladder meridian, it can stimulate the body's yang qi and enhance the body's immunity. For some patients with severe symptoms, such as long-term back stiffness and soreness, the frequency of back massage can be appropriately increased to achieve the corresponding treatment effect. Meanwhile, back massage can promote the circulation of qi and blood, alleviate tense emotions, and help promote sleep.
Nowadays, most office workers have to work in front of their computers for a long time. Although sometimes they remind themselves to get up and move around, many times they forget completely when they work. Long term sitting often puts great pressure on the spine and can also slow down blood circulation in the legs. I often have this problem. I have tried to increase the seat cushion to reduce stress before, but the effect is not significant. I have also used massage seat cushions to improve, but the comfort is very poor. This time I experienced this massage cushion, which is very different from previous products. It not only provides a comfortable sitting experience, but also adds massage and heating functions. Acupoint massage for more accuracy.
The main uses of massage seat cushions
1. Relieve muscle soreness: The shape of the massage seat cushion is like a square cushion, but each massage area is designed based on ergonomic principles. Whether using a sitting posture, massaging the buttocks, or placing it behind the back to massage the lower back, it can massage the back, waist, buttocks, and legs perfectly. After sitting for a long time, these parts will experience soreness. The massage pad can adjust the massage intensity and alleviate discomfort in these areas through vibration. The massage duration, speed, and intensity can be controlled by oneself.
3. Hot compress therapy: In the design of massage seat cushions, the function of hot compress therapy has been added. After turning on the heating function, physical therapy can be performed while massaging, killing two birds with one stone.
Special massage cushion for hemorrhoids to prevent hemorrhoids
If you have hemorrhoids and are worried about getting worse all day, but have to work while sitting, you need a massage vibration cushion specifically designed for prolonged sitting. Heat compress and vibration massage the buttocks, promote blood circulation, prevent and alleviate hemorrhoids, and use it for a healthier purpose
Multi purpose vibration massage pad for home, car, office use
Placed on a chair, it can massage the buttocks, targeting sedentary individuals, especially those with hemorrhoids. Accurate acupoint massage at the buttocks and anus promotes blood circulation, helps muscle movement, and alleviates discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.
Stand up and place the backrest to massage the waist and back.
50d refers to the density of the sponge, and its advantage is that 50d is considered higher in the density of the sponge.
The weight of one cubic meter of sponge is 50 kilograms.
Advantages: Sponge mattresses have high resilience, high compression load ratio, and some fire-resistant or flame-retardant materials also have good flame resistance. They have a wide range of uses and can be used to make sofas, furniture sponge accessories, and so on.
Hip pain after prolonged driving may be caused by prolonged sitting, which is the pain caused by prolonged compression of muscles or subcutaneous nerves in the buttocks. It is best to get off the car and rest after driving for a period of time. Taking a walk may help alleviate the pain in the buttocks. However, many drivers may need to sit for several hours due to work needs and cannot get off the car to move around. At this time, massage pads specifically designed for hip massage can effectively alleviate sitting discomfort, help hip muscle movement, and promote blood circulation.
Sitting for a long time is extremely harmful to the health of the elderly, which can be manifested in the following aspects: 1. Sitting for a long time will reduce vital capacity, reduce respiratory function, and be prone to respiratory diseases, such as colds and bronchitis. 2. Prolonged sitting can slow down gastrointestinal peristalsis, affect digestion and absorption function, and may cause symptoms such as indigestion and constipation. 3. Sitting for a long time will slow down the metabolism of the body, which will easily lead to increased blood sugar and blood lipids, and increase the incidence rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 4. Long sitting can affect blood circulation in the lower limbs, causing arthritis or vasculitis.
Sitting for a long time may cause pain in the buttocks due to poor blood circulation. Prolonged sitting in the buttocks is usually accompanied by compression of blood vessels and nerves, which can lead to poor local blood circulation and easily lead to swelling or pain symptoms. If there is poor blood circulation, it can be improved by massage or acupuncture and moxibustion, which will help relieve the pain symptoms.

8 Vibration molds
Constant heat
Promote blood circulation
Prevent hemorrhoids
Negligible sedentary habits, specifically developed for people with uncomfortable buttocks
Warm heat flows through the buttocks, relaxing even the tense muscles
Accurately control the temperature and rejecting skin burns caused by excessive heat.
No.1 motor is located at the sacrum/Changqiang acupoint for targeted massage.
No.2 and No.3 motors are located below the thigh muscle/Chengfu acupoint.
The No.4 and No.5 motors are located below the thigh muscles
Yin Men acupoints. Acupoint massage promotes blood circulation, alleviates fatigue, and prevents hemorrhoids.

Product name Sedentary massage cusion
Massage area Hips, back, waist
Fuction Vibration massage and hot compress
Where to use Office/home/car/Mahjiong room
Who need it Office ladies, office men, drivers, the old people, long sitting people


Massage pad adopts Fixed point vibration massage heating design to
massage buttocks,back, and waist,it is a massage product with multiple
vibration mold and warm function.

50D Sponge Home Body Massager Vibration Massage Seat Cushion Improve Metabolism 0


This product includes: a massage pad, a household power cord,
a car power cord, a manual controller, and a packaging box.


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