Food Grade ABS Adult Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush 235*30mm

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Moi et Toi
Certification: CE
Model Number: E7
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 3
Packaging Details: paper box packing
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per week
Detail Information
Age Group: Adult Product Name: Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Color: Pink White Black Fuction: Clean Tooth ,remove Dental Tartar
Type: Rechargeable Battery Advantage: Soft Brush And Cheap
Working Principle: Sonic Electric Material: ABS
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Food Grade ABS Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush


Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush 235*30mm


Food Grade ABS adult electric toothbrush

Product Description

Daily use Sonic Toothbrush Battery Sonic Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush For Adult

1, Convenience PK
Each of us has to brush our teeth in the morning, and traditional manual brushing requires a hand to drive the toothbrush back and forth in our mouth, constantly repeating this mechanical movement, which is very annoying. At the same time, the intensity, time, and direction of brushing teeth need to be controlled by oneself. If you don't pay attention, stealing lazy teeth will result in white brushing. For a long time, manual brushing of teeth naturally failed to clean them thoroughly.
The electric toothbrush uses a motor to drive the brush head to rotate, just place the brush head on the tooth surface, turn on the switch without using hands, and the brush head will complete the cleaning of teeth according to the set action program. Up to now, sound wave electric toothbrush has also emerged. Its principle is to ensure that every tooth can be completely cleaned without damaging the teeth through the clean water flow generated by high-frequency vibration. So in terms of convenience, the electric toothbrush is simply better than the ordinary toothbrush!
2, Cleanliness PK
At the same time, the speed of electric brushing is more than 100 times that of manual brushing. Even dentist experiments show that electric toothbrush can remove 38% more dental bacteria than ordinary toothbrush. The principle of electric toothbrush is to use rotation and vibration to remove stains and damage dental plaque, and the cleaning effect is natural.
Ordinary toothbrushes have limited cleaning capabilities, such as incomplete cleaning between teeth and corners, and need to be used in conjunction with cleaning tools such as dental floss. It's too painful for lazy people. Decisively abandon it and choose electric toothbrush!
3, Cost PK
A single ordinary toothbrush looks cheap, but it may not be cheaper than a electric toothbrush in the long run. After using a regular toothbrush for three months, the entire toothbrush will be discarded, and the cost for one year is also considerable. Generally, the electric toothbrush on the market involves technology research and development, and the cost price of the product is much higher. However, the purchased electric toothbrush usually gives away two or more brush heads, which is slightly more expensive than the ordinary manual toothbrush. In comparison, the practicability and cleaning effect of electric toothbrush are superior to those of ordinary toothbrushes. People who pursue quality of life believe that they will choose electric toothbrush.
4, Security PK
Long term contact between the bristles and the teeth will definitely cause damage. Let's take a look at the electric toothbrush. Compared with the traditional toothbrush, the tooth wear is more serious. When brushing their teeth manually, many people use a saw like approach, and upon closer inspection, deep grooves have been worn out at the root of their teeth, which is one of the main culprits causing tooth sensitivity.
The cleaning force of electric toothbrush is stronger than that of traditional toothbrush, so will it cause more serious damage to teeth? Choosing a qualified electric toothbrush will not cause tooth damage. Like the ordinary toothbrush, the rough electric toothbrush will wear the teeth because it has only a single function key and the bristles are not rounded properly, which are all reasons for tooth damage. The high-quality electric toothbrush has a number of vibration frequencies to choose from, which varies from person to person. The softer and rounder bristles far exceed the qualified line. With this electric toothbrush, you can take good care of your teeth.
More thorough cleaning
The most important thing to brush teeth is to remove dental plaque. Dental plaque can erode the surface of teeth and cause tooth decay, and long-term attachment to teeth can also lead to problems such as gingivitis. The "tooth washing" in dental hospitals uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove dental plaque and achieve the effect of preventing dental diseases.
The ultrasonic toothbrush equipped with ultrasonic cleaning technology solves this problem. By upgrading the ultrasound technology used in medicine and concentrating it into a toothbrush, daily brushing can be like a micro toothbrush. Persistent use can achieve the effect of ultrasound cleaning teeth and prevent various dental and oral diseases.
Compared with the electric toothbrush, which rotates fast and has great strength, it may damage the gums. The ultrasonic toothbrush can be used to complete sterilization and plaque removal by friction. Moreover, the warming effect of the ultrasonic toothbrush can also massage the gums and the inner wall of the mouth. It has the effect of dredging blood and collaterals for teeth and soft tissues, and enhancing immunity, especially without harm to the gums.
Dental tartar is formed by dental plaque, and the rapid growth of dental plaque is also related to the body's resistance.
When the body's resistance decreases, oral bacteria are more likely to corrode teeth.
To effectively clean your mouth, in addition to brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, it also depends on the way, frequency, time, and the brushing tools you use.
Generally, our oral maintenance involves brushing teeth in the morning and evening, and rinsing after meals. If people with large gaps in their teeth need to use dental floss to clean food debris, LZ should not only pay attention to their daily diet, but also choose a sonic toothbrush if they have money. It is more effective than a regular toothbrush in removing dental plaque and tartar, clearing dead corners and gaps in the mouth.
Use good toothbrushes and oral care tools to clean your mouth, brush your teeth every morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, floss, and wash your teeth regularly!
Our company's sonic toothbrush uses a small patented brush head that generates high-frequency vibration through the frequency of sonic vibration. It shatters the dirt attached to the surface of the teeth, and with the continuous flushing of water sprayed by the fluctuating cleaning force, it can effectively remove pathogenic factors in the oral cavity and dentition, such as tartar, dental plaque, smoke spots, and pigments; In order to achieve the goal of preventing and treating periodontitis and gingivitis, timely detecting and treating dental caries, and preventing bad breath and odor.
Eat less sticky and high sugar foods in your diet, and it's best to rinse your mouth after eating. Eat more nutritious foods that are good for teeth, and supplement calcium and vitamins.
In addition, regular oral health care can better protect teeth, and massaging gums and tapping can make teeth stronger!
We use toothpaste to test the expressive power of sound waves, and I will do an experiment to show you. Dip the brush head in clean water, take a soybean sized toothpaste, and evenly apply it to the surface of the brush bristles to blend the toothpaste and water. The brush head should be placed horizontally to maintain stable startup.
Under the action of sound waves, the toothpaste hidden inside the brush hair will be quickly excited into a large number of delicate micro gas foam, which will condense in the top center of the brush head, roll at high speed and will not fly with the swing of the brush hair.
Product Description
After-sales Service Provided
Onsite Installation
1 Year
Bristle Type
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Brand Name
Age Group
Product name
Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Pink white black 
Food Grade ABS
Product size
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  home office hotel 
Charging Type
Type C
Vibration Frequency
31000~43000 times/min
Waterproof Level
Teeth Cleaning

 What is a sound wave? Sound waves are mechanical longitudinal waves that propagate in elastic media, with frequencies ranging from 20 to 20000 Hz and can be heard by the human ear
The working principle of a sonic toothbrush is to rely on the high-speed motion of a micro motor to drive the toothbrush head to swing left and right at high speed, generating mechanical vibration, which is the generation of sound waves
The suitable vibration frequency for acoustic toothbrushes is between 166-666Hz (10000-370000 times/minute), and different frequencies of acoustic toothbrushes achieve varying degrees of tooth cleaning effects. The cleaning effect of acoustic toothbrushes is proportional to the frequency and amplitude of sound waves
Ultrasound is a type of sound wave with a frequency higher than 20000Hz, which has good directionality and strong penetration ability, but cannot be heard by the human ear. The high-frequency vibration of sound waves can cause the water in the mouth to form countless invisible, extremely small bubbles and cause them to burst, which generates enormous energy. Tooth tartar, dental plaque, dental calculus, and other substances can be destroyed by the energy generated by the cavitation effect and separated from the teeth, thereby achieving a dental cleaning effect. Because these small bubbles can penetrate into all subtle corners of the oral cavity, the cleaning range of ultrasonic tooth cleaning can cover various parts of the periodontal area.


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