254nm UVC Air Purifier Sterilizer 200w Quartz Ultraviolet Lamp

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: UV, Yoway
Certification: CE,ROSH
Model Number: UV-Y880
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Price: $288/SET
Packaging Details: paper box packing
Delivery Time: 5-8 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000pcs per month
Detail Information
Uv: Uv Air Disinfection Purifier Air Flow: 880m/h
Recommend Room Size: 40-200m2 Wattage: 200w
Germicidal Lamp: Uvc 254 Nm Uvc Lamp Uv Lamp Quantity: 6 Pcs
Application: Air Disinfection And Purifing Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Voltage: 220V-230V Size: 38 * 38 * 80 CM
High Light:

254nm UVC Air Purifier Sterilizer


200w Quartz Ultraviolet Lamp


254nm Quartz Ultraviolet Lamp

Product Description

254nm UVC Air Purifier Sterilizer / 200w Quartz Ultraviolet Lamp


Ultraviolet light air disinfection purifier

kill all viruses, bacteria, germs, corona viruses, mold spores, microorganisms.

application area: pubilc area, school, hospital, hotel, home, office, factory etc.


UVC Air Purifier Disinfection Sterilizer For Hospital School Public Area With Wheel Germicidal Machine

UV Lamps

UV lamps generate intense germicidal ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The peak output of our UV disinfection lamps is at 254nm. UV radiation with wavelengths between 200-280nm is called UV-C. DNA/RNA of all types of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae, fungi, spores, cysts, oocysts, etc. readily absorb UV-C rays. As a result, the UV lamps damage the DNA/RNA of the target microorganisms. This prevents the microorganisms from causing infections.


Quartz ultraviolet lamp for 254nm germicidal radiation.

We also offer Ozone producing UV lamps.YOUWEI Ozone generating UV lamps generate UV radiation with peaks at 185nm and 254nm. Our Ozone generating lamps are used for specialized applications like TOC reduction.

Our ultraviolet lamps are made from high purity quartz. So, they are very efficient in converting electrical energy to germicidal light energy.

YOUWEI UV lamps are matched with tuned electronic ballasts for reliable long term UVC performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about UV Lamp Disinfection

Microorganisms are simple organic structures that can easily absorb UV-C wavelengths, causing photodissociation (destruction). Microbial DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is first adversely affected due to its weaker molecular bonds. Within a hundredth of a second, it suffered irreparable damage. The subsequent loss of genetic instructions can cause the cell to die and/or fail to replicate, making it harmless. Continuous exposure will cause uninterrupted degradation, such as the sun, which will only be significantly faster.

What is UVC?

UV-C is one of many electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the sun. Like these other waveforms, their characteristics are unique to their wavelength. In order to synthesize this frequency, the glass tube is evacuated and filled with argon at a pressure far below atmospheric pressure. In addition, a small amount of mercury is added. When the mixture is energized (excited), it produces a plasma of glowing electrons passing through the mercury vapor. When they hit mercury atoms, mercury electrons are released at a frequency (253.7 nm) that represents the mercury spectrum. The main emission (>90%) of these lamps is UV-C energy. The "C" frequency of the electromagnetic UV series is especially bactericidal. This is so important that Westinghouse quickly "sterilized" low-pressure mercury vapor into commercial lamps in the early 1930s. Since then, its humanitarian value has been successful worldwide.

Model Number
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches)
Power (W)
Voltage (V)
1 Year
Activated Carbon Air Filter
Hotel, Commercial, Household
Power Source
Featured Function
UV lamp
Recommended Room Size(m2)
Air Quality Display
Product name
Air purifier
Rated Voltage
Air follow
880 m³/h
Clean Air and kill bacterial
White and gold
UV Lamp Purifier
Applicable Area
home hospital hotel school

Patented UVC disinfection box

6 UVC lamps 3 ballast
high quality and long life span

Patented UVC disinfection box

2 photo catalyst filters
99.9% disinfection rate

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