8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Moi et Toi
Certification: CE
Model Number: ZM142
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 40 usd per pcs
Packaging Details: paper box packing
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Handheld Oxygen Injector Power: 8W Portable Spa Water Spray
Spray Gun Material: ABS+PC Battery Capacity: 850mAh Portable Spa Water Spray
Product Size: 12*20.6*5.7cm Weight: 220g Portable Spa Water Spray
Charging Time: 120min Portable Spa Water Spray Charging Interface: TYPE-C Portable Spa Water Spray
Warranty: 1 Year Charging Voltage: 5v Increase Cell Activity
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8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Spray


Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector


8W Handheld Oxygen Injector

Product Description


Trending Portable Spa Water Spray Cordless Airbrush Facial Hydration Oxygen Spray Jet Injection Sprayer


portable home use water spray jet compressor moisturize face nano oxygen injector


Cordless Beauty Airbrush System Paint Set Make Up Gun Wireless Barber Compressor


High Pressure Airbrush Gun provide sufficient oxygen for the skin increase cell activity


oxygen injection instrument whitening skin deep hydration anti allergy repair


portable deep Moisturizing Spray Oxygen Injector handheld high pressure 

Product Description

The skin oxygen injection device can make the skin more hydrated and shiny, and also have the effect of brightening the skin tone and removing fine lines. Facial oxygen injection is one of the most popular beauty methods in the current market. It is not only easy to operate, but also does not cause any harm to the skin. The effect of facial oxygen injection on the skin is also very obvious, which can make the skin look younger and more elastic. If it is oily or mixed skin, a facial oxygen injection device can also be used, which can balance oil secretion and soften keratin.


USB rechargeable portable Facial Mini Moisturizing Nano Water Spray Oxygen Injection Injector of high pressure nano spray water

2021new arrival :Refresh your skin on a daily basis with Oxygen Water Facial Spray

Name: Pump suction Essence Facial Sprayer

1.Could mix a little essence into water;
2. Could Spray low concentration toner;



A one-handed rechargeable airbrush and air pump can be placed in your backpack or pocket. Portable and sophisticated spray guns can be used for tattoos, art painting, cake decorating, make-up, nail, handicrafts, models, etc.
* Just like a mobile phone, after a single charge, it can be used anywhere, even without a power supply. Fully charged, can be used for 30-50 minutes. With USB charging cable, you can use computer charging, charger charging, or power bank charging.

* The portable air pump has been tested repeatedly, which not only optimizes the line, but also improves the service time of the air pump. The hand-held air pump design is curved and ergonomically designed to increase hand-held comfort. Simple and practical to operate + easy to use, after you have prepared the spray material, you can work by pressing the switch button easily.


* WATER OXYGEN SPRAYER: Anti-aging products will be more effective when used in combination with our oxygen spray. Micro-nano penetration decomposition can transform the skin care products into the finest mist which can promote skin absorption by spraying on the face. Strengthen the skin's respiratory function, make the cells do aerobic exercise, to increase the skin's activity and to promote skin metabolism. So as to achieve the effect of whitening, replenishmen and tender skin

* FUNCTIONS: use the high pressure oxygen injection therapy, can inject rapidly water and oxygen into the bottom of the human skin to achieve the effect of moisturizing skin and skin rejuvenation,it can offer you a comfortable facial spa,through the diamond dermabrasion rub off the top skin layer to remove skin cutin, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin. Strengthen anti aging and restore skin elasticity.

* TOP QUALITY EXPERIENCE: Our oxygen facial machine is made of high grade material, which is durable, effective and also eco-friendly. Special designed position wheel ensures straight spraying of air flow, utilizes the gas and liquid dual-channel molecule confluence technique to prevent the sprayer clogging problem. Without leak and the produced finest mist can penetrate into the deep pores to achieve the effect of deep hydrating.

* EASY TO USE: Simple and practical, the spring makes it be operated quite flexibly and conveniently. Unique sensor design which can master the air flow switch following the press button anytime to ensure enough air flow. Fine workmanship and high precision performance, this kit allows you to aim at the object correctly and getting straight and precise spraying.

* Safe & Beautiful & Portable: Reasonable design, stainless steel, beautiful appearance, safe to use no other side effects.Small Size, easy to carry, especially for business or travel. Also can be used for commercial art, makeup, illustrations, temporary tattoos, crafts, etc, is a wonderful gift for your family or friends.

High Pressure Airbrush Gun Face Spray Oxygen Injector Mask Portable Facial Machine Handheld Water Oxygen Injector

1, Oxygen sprayer is the most innovative skin care, suitable for home use and beauty salon business;
2, safe and effective for skin whitening;
3, instead of the traditional art and traditional exfoliating skin care;
4, and instantly improve skin dry state, and to achieve a safe, efficient and fast replenishes nutrients;
5, directly improve the skin from lack of oxygen caused by dark skin, dull;
6, non-invasive, no cross-infection. Truly painless treatment, does not affect the normal operation.
7, cosmetic procedures skin comfortable, moist, refreshing feeling, easy to complete cosmetic procedures;
8, the unique skin regeneration technology.

Real person trial test , Designed for lazy people
1, Oxygen spray for skin remove facial dirt, uniform color, skin whitening
2, balance dry, oily skin, skin moisture for up to 24 hours.
3, to provide sufficient oxygen for the skin, increase cell activity, improve skin gloomy situation, skin rosy, transparent, delay skin aging.
4, promote metabolism, enhance the body function, so that toxins and waste easily excreted.
5, helps sterilization, antibacterial, prevent acne, regulate sebaceous glands, reduce facial acne.
6, Dodge age spots, fine lines, smooth and delicate skin.
7, oxygen can activate cells, increase skin collagen cell activity, accelerating the growth of collagen, making skin delicate tight.
8, repair damaged skin, reduce redness over dermabrasion, laser and other irritating after treatment, recombinant healthy cells, improve skin absorption of nutrients.

Theoretical basis


Adopting the world's advanced PSA (pressure swing adsorption principle), after turning on the power at room temperature, high concentrations of oxygen can be instantly separated from the air, achieving atomized oxygen spraying, comprehensively and fundamentally solving the problem of body hypoxia. The oxygen spraying treatment course is mainly to apply appropriate and limited pressure through oxygen spraying tools, export oxygen and special beauty formula in the form of puff mist, push the specific amount of active nutrition essence into the deeper layer of the skin, directly reach the natural pores of the epidermal cells, while producing positive influence, effectively accelerate the metabolism of cells, make the skin instantly return to a healthy, smooth, shiny young state, and glow with youth. It is especially suitable for nursing after cosmetic surgery, laser treatment, acne and deep skin replacement, and can simultaneously or independently spray oxygen/oxygen solution essence.

① Whitening and rejuvenating the skin; ② Tighten loose skin; ③ Remove true and false wrinkles; ④ Treat acne;
⑤ Clear and improve eye wrinkles, crow's feet, black circles, and eye belly. No eye markings, only eyes!
⑥ Deep hydration and oxygen rejuvenation, improving and preventing skin aging, reducing coarse pores, whitening skin, deep hydration, anti allergy repair, achieving skin plumpness and elasticity recovery;
⑦ Facial oxygen therapy.


The importance of facial oxygen therapy care
Oxygen therapy is the healthiest cosmetic therapy. The human epidermal layer does not have blood vessels to transport oxygen, and all oxygen and oxygen rely on the microcirculation system of the dermis fat, which becomes less and less abundant with age.
Scientists have found that when a person reaches middle age, the oxygen carrying capacity of the epidermal fat is only half that of when they are young. If oxygen can be directly injected into the basal layer of the epidermis, it will effectively increase cell vitality and promote metabolism. Oxygen therapy is the use of a skin activating oxygen injection device to inject oxygen into the epidermis under pressure, combined with other beauty products, to make the skin younger. The beauty industry has also utilized this feature to develop a new generation of beauty instrument, the "3D oxygen injection instrument"


2. Technical Core and Characteristics
For oily, mixed with oily, fragile, flaccid, and dull skin, using an oxygen injection device can effectively bring the concentration of pure oxygen into the basal layer of the skin, improve the metabolic function of cells, update damaged cells, increase skin elasticity, improve dull and problematic skin, and replenish sufficient oxygen to the skin.
Deeply moisturize the skin and increase its water content; Promote cell regeneration, increase cell oxygen content, activate skin to achieve anti aging effects; Promote the regeneration of collagen fiber and Elastin, fade fine lines to restore elasticity, relieve sensitivity, and reduce redness and swelling and the appearance of microvessels; Enhance physical and mental health, replenish energy, improve microcirculation and respiratory system, increase oxygen content in the body, and improve




8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 08W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 1

8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 28W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 3


8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 4


8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 5

8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 68W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 7

Color selection: regular black with red/customizable: silver with green, gold with red, rose gold with pink
Product name  Handheld Oxygen Injector  Product model ZM142
 Battery capacity 850mAh Body material PC+ABS
 Rated voltage 3.7V  Product size 46.3*169.4*154.37mm
 Rated power 8W Net weight 220g
 Charging time 120min  Gross weight 470g
 Charging voltage 5V  Package size 12*20.6*5.7cm
 Charging interface TYPE-C  Outer box size 59*43*38.5
 Packing quantity 40  Packaging style Book box/inner pearl cotton


8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 88W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 9

8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 108W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 11


8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 128W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 13

8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 148W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 15

8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 16

8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 178W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 188W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 19

8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 20


8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 21


8W Facial Hydration Oxygen Handheld Oxygen Injector 22


Oxygen Facial Machine, Nano Water Oxygen Spray Home SPA Facial Care For Deep Moisturizing Beauty


New technology spray 2.0
Multi-combination and instant high-pressure atomization decompose small molecules 5-50 microns, reaching the deep layer, deep Moisturizing all day.


Spray port 2.0
Fine molecules penetrate the skin instantly and penetrate to skin layer

Microcomputer constant pressure jet 2.0
The spray force and quantity are stable and remain unchanged, even spraying.


Battery working time 45 mins
Increase battery capacity

60S effective hydration
High pressure oxygen injection, better skin absorption.


Extract oxygen from the air and compress it into a high concentration of active factors through technical processing.

Skin solution are delivered to the deep layers under 140Kpa pressure, refresh your skin by new way.


Low pressure ,only stays on the skin surface

Optimal pressure, excellent rejuvenation

Excessive pressure ,damage skin epidermis


8 years OEM/ODM

Labeling LOGO
Contact customer service for details


Ordinary oxygen injection instrument
Small spray , large water droplets, can't deeply moisturize, easy to ruin makeup

Hyperbaric oxygen injector
Large spray ,almost no large water droplets, reaches the skin layer , not easy to ruin makeup

3 mins per day
Easily have supple skin
Pure dew/water
Beauty salon water products

High-concentration products and distilled water are mixed in a ratio of 1:10, and the use effect is better. Too high water density will cause blockage or poor effect

2-stage adjustment, free switching
Switch the valve to adjust the spray size
1st gear
The fine mist is gentle (moisturize when make up)
2 gears
Daily care
Newly upgraded variable frequency motor, easily switch to the suitable gear for you


0.3mm Spray gun pinhole 0.3mm
45 degree wide angle full face moisturizing

Multi-combination and instant high-pressure atomization to decompose small molecules smaller than 5-50 microns

Delicate and moisturizing straight to the depths, keeping you moisturized all day

140Kpa Pressure 140Kpa
6L/min Flow 6L/min


High-pressure water replenishment
Let maintenance no longer be useless

Data witnesses the absorption and penetration effect, doubles the absorption, awakens supple and shiny skin

140KPA high pressure cleansing pores
Hydration +65%
0.3MM nano atomization
Water content +30%
Full face instant penetration in 60 seconds
Test Case

After matching with hydrating products, can see that the skin is more hydrated and delicate



The product used by the spray gun must be a water-based product, and the product with high concentration and viscosity should be diluted before use

Please inject water or alcohol and spray it again before use to clean the inner wall of the spray gun

After each use, you must pour clean water and clean it again. After spraying, spray it for a few seconds to avoid clogging or water leakage of the spray gun due to the product freezing.

Do not leave the product in the spray can for a long time, use as much as you want to avoid blocking the inner wall of the spray gun



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