How to choose household ultraviolet lamp?

May 18, 2023

How to choose household ultraviolet lamp?


1. Lamp tube. Be sure to use quartz glass tubes.
2. Power. According to the size of the family room, generally, a 38-watt sterilizing lamp of H-tube is enough. Usually, you can refer to one watt and one level. Of course, the higher the power, the better the sterilizing effect.
3. Security. Because UV germicidal lamp will harm eyes and skin when used, try to choose a safer UV lamp. For example: (1) The remote control through the wall can be operated outside the room. (2) There is a delay function. The remote control can't find the lamp control button to operate. It is much safer if there is a delay. (3) It has pause and resume functions, which is more convenient and safe. (4) To prevent children from misoperation, such as the "time on" design, although the operation is a little cumbersome, it is still very effective to prevent children from misoperation. Nowadays, children are very smart and curious. We must prevent children from misoperation and causing injury.
4. Important note: People and pets must leave when using UV disinfection lamp. It is better to take shading treatment for precious calligraphy, painting and plants.



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